Abstract Reasoning MCQ : for European institution competitions


A methodology and 180 questions with answers

ISBN : 9782918796220.
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This brand new, revised and expanded edition is aimed at all candidates planning to sit European institution competitions and who wish to prepare as effectively as possible for the abstract reasoning test. Abstract reasoning questions are presented as series of diagrams containing geometric shapes which are repeated or modified according to a logical sequence. Candidates have to identify the underlying logic and find the diagram that completes the series.

Abstract reasoning tests call for skills that candidates do not normally use in everyday life: the ability to visualise geometric transformations (rotations, symmetries, etc), an aptitude to spot similarities between complex shapes, etc. We are all capable of developing these skills. It is not a question of intelligence, but of learning. Entry competitions for European institutions are highly selective. Success in the abstract reasoning test is, above all, a matter of method and training.

This book can significantly increase your chances of success. It includes: – a detailed methodology illustrated with numerous examples; – 9 tests of 20 questions each, arranged by level of difficulty; – a detailed explanation of the answer to each question. The questions in this book are similar to those set in the competitions run by EPSO since 2015. They are different from those in previous editions and from our online test questions.