Global Handbook of Impact Investing


ISBN : 9781119690641.
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Elsa De Morais Sarmento, R. Paul Herman

Discover how to invest your capital to achieve a powerful, lasting impact on the world.
The Global Handbook of Impact Investing: Solving Global Problems Via Smarter Capital Markets Towards A More Sustainable Society is an insightful guide to the growing world-wide movement of Impact Investing. Impact investors seek to realize lasting, beneficial improvements in society by allocating capital to sources of impactful and sustainable profit.

This Handbook is a how-to guide for institutional investors, including family offices, foundations, endowments, governments, and international organizations, as well as academics, students, and everyday investors globally. The Handbook´s wide-ranging contributions from around the world make a powerful case for positive impact and profit to fund substantive, lasting solutions that solve critical problems across the world.

Edited by two experienced and distinguished professionals in the sustainable investing arena and authored by two dozen renowned experts from finance, academia, and multilateral organizations from around the world, the Global Handbook of Impact Investing educates, inspires, and spurs action towards more responsible investing across all asset classes, resulting in smarter capital markets, including how to:

·         Realize positive impact and profit

·         Integrate impact into investment decision-making and portfolio

·         Allocate impactful investments across all asset classes

·         Apply unique Impact Investing frameworks

·         Measure, evaluate and report on impact

·         Learn from case examples around the globe

·         Pursue Best Practices in Impact Investing and impact reporting

While other resources may take a local or limited approach to the subject, this Handbook gathers global knowledge and results from public and private institutions spanning five continents. The authors also make a powerful case for the ability of Impact Investing to lead to substantive and lasting change that addresses critical problems across the world.