Deep Diving into Data Protection


1979-2019 Celebrating 40 Years of Privacy and Data Protection at the CRIDS

ISBN : 9782807926493.
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This book celebrates the 40th anniversary of the creation of the CRID and the 10th anniversary of its successor, the CRIDS. It gathers twenty-one very high quality contributions on extremely interesting and topical aspects of data protection. The authors come from Europe as well as from the United States of America and Canada. Their contributions have been grouped as follows:
1° ICT Governance;
2° Commodification & Competition;
3° Secret surveillance;
4° Whistleblowing;
5° Social Medias, Web Archiving & Journalism;
6° Automated individual decision-making;
7° Data Security;
8° Privacy by design;
9° Health, AI, Scientific Research & Post-Mortem Privacy.

This book is intended for all academics, researchers, students and practitioners who have an interest in privacy and data protection.

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