Benefits Realisation


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Realise the full benefits potential from your change projects

For most managers in steering committees of PMOs (Project Management Office) most projects are costly in both time and money, and they often only reach a fraction of the expected benefits.

In Benefits Realisation: The Change-Driven Approach to Project Success, renowned benefits realisation expert, speaker, and consultant Rasmus Rytter introduces a new approach to change projects where benefits realisation defines the design of the project and how it’s led. Once the project’s benefits have been defined, the key question for the project to answer is: ‘How might we help our colleagues change their behaviour? Thus, identifying behavioural change as the key driver of benefit realisation.

Step by step, the book guides you on how to approach both benefit realisation and behavioural change, as well as explain how it builds on the project and portfolio practices (or SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)) you are already using.

Benefits Realisation also offers:

  • Elaborate real-life case studies and examples that show the application of the new approach to benefits realisation and change on different projects
  • Easy to use posters, playbooks, and facilitation guides for the most important activities and workshops
  • Effective strategies for using benefits realisation to minimise project cost
  • Compelling possibilities for executives to make far better strategic prioritization decisions based on credible data for project benefits and the real cost of change

Perfect for project managers, change managers, PMO professionals, and managers using agile frameworks, Benefits Realisation will also earn a place in the libraries of executives and other business leaders at all levels of your organisation.

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