Basics Barrier-Free Planning


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Only a small proportion of the population fully relies on barrier freedom, but many people consider it an essential aid in everyday situations. It is therefore important to create a built environment without obstacles in which all people can move and orientate themselves as safely as possible and without help. For this reason, the needs and requirements of people with disabilities – but also of children – are important considerations in the design of buildings, in particular public and residential buildings.

Basics Barrier-free Planning illustrates these special requirements as well as options for the design of barrier-free spaces and buildings. In line with all volumes in the series, everything is explained straightforwardly, including practical examples.

  • Explains what « barrier-free » means in practice
  • Perceiving a building and the requirements for its use
  • Integration into the design (spaces to move, orientation, etc.)
  • Designing the details (doors, thresholds, signage, etc.)
  • New, updated edition