Banks and Fintech on Platform Economies: Contextual and Conscious Banking


ISBN : 9781119756972.
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Discover the future of the financial services industry with this insightful new resource on Contextual and Conscious Banking

In Banks and Fintech on Platform Economies: Contextual and Conscious Banking, accomplished fintech professional and author Paolo Sironi delivers an insightful examination of how platform theory, born outside of financial services, will make its way inside banking and financial markets to radically transform the way firms do business.

You’ll learn why the financial services industry must master the necessary shift of focus from selling business outputs to selling client outcomes. You’ll also discover how to steer the industry towards new forms of digital transformation underpinned by Contextual Banking and Conscious Banking platform strategies that will benefit stakeholders of all kinds.

This important book:

  • Describes the shift in mindset necessary to help banks strengthen and extend the reach of their Banking-as-a-Service and Banking-as-a-Platform operations.
  • Shows how a renewed interpretation of fundamental uncertainty inspires the usage of exponential technologies to achieve architectural resilience, and open the reference theory to spring new business models centered on clients’ and ecosystems’ antifragility.
  • Financial services industry can break-out from a narrow space of value-generation to reclaim top spot against bigtech contenders, enjoying greater flexibility and adaptability at lower digital costs

Perfect for CEOs, business leaders, regulators, fintech entrepreneurs, wealth managers, behavioral finance researchers and professionals working at financial technology companies, Banks and Fintech on Platform Economieswill also earn a place in the libraries of bankers seeking a firm grasp of the rapidly evolving outcome economy and a view about the future of the industry.